Motormata is the only auto service platform that offers complete vehicle solutions to vehicle owners in major cities in Nigeria. Our target audience are individuals and businesses the want better value for every penny spent on maintenance, insurance and repairs.

We are constantly innovating to expand our offering to help deliver more value to our customers. We NEVER compromise in our attempt to delivering quality auto services in an era of poor service delivery and sub-standard products in the auto industry in Nigeria.

The Problem

An era of devalued Naira and reduced purchasing power has forced Nigerians to rely on their vehicles longer than anticipated. Poor maintenance culture, sub-standard replacement parts, and counterfeit insurance policies are problems that threaten the pockets of vehicle owners further.

The Solution

The one-stop platform that guarantees quality service delivery that inspires our customers to Drive with Confidence.

The Results

Save more on vehicle expense with Longer vehicle life span and Higher resale value

Take Control Now, Start Driving with Confidence.

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